Cyberbullying: Is it a real thing?


B3lW2GICQAAGfiXIs cyber bullying actually a thing? This has been a big topic in conversation within the bullying spectrum. When people get bullied it is harder for people to stop it since a lot of things are harder in person. Though when you are sitting in front of a screen how can you be bullied? Tyler, the Creator, rap artist, had a controversial tweet where he said “hahahahah how is cyber bullying real hahahaha just walk away from the screen like close your eyes haha”. This tweet received over 330 thousand retweets and sparked great controversy. As said in an article on, “Oh no. Some girl said to me in an email ‘ur fat lulz. I’m scarred for the rest of my life.’ Nowhere NEAR as bad as getting hit, punched, abused, ect.” As someone who has been bullied in the past, I can definitely relate to this.

It is true, it is as easy to just turn off your computer screen and just walk away. Yes, words do hurt, but if you want to stop seeing/hearing this stuff just turn off the monitor and walk away. When you’re being bullied in person, the antagonist can literally keep coming at you, screaming at you, even abuse or assault you. It is hard to get away from that, and not many people are willing to step in front of a bully. While you are online, you do not need anyone to step in to help you out because you can just close to monitor.

don_t_feed_the_troll-300x287Trolls on the Internet find it funny to get a raise out of people. A study from showed that most trolls show signs of signs of sadistic, psychopathic, narcissistic behaviors. The biggest thing is to not fall into their trap and don’t let them feed off of your reactions. When people show reaction it gives these trolls a reason to keep going, and continue to try make people upset.



I don’t understand how cyber bullying is a thing, it is very easy to just walk away from a computer and not deal with the bullying. In reality, bullying is hard to stop, but online it just comes down to the willingness to walk away from your computer. If you don’t just walk away, you risk falling into these trolls traps when they try to make you upset. From now on just try to shut the monitor off and walk away, and you’ll see the bullying stop.