Final Post

The Last Hurrah

DYgDxUnfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this is our farewell post. We would like to take the time to thank all of you for reading and keeping up with us these past 4 weeks. It was our pleasure to keep you all informed about our findings on the effects social media has on personal lives. We concluded that social media usage can be detrimental to one’s health, as well as social, mental, and physical well being. Below is a summary of our findings.

Week 1

We thought cyberbullying would be a great first topic to kick off our blog. The internet is one of the most widespread risk that young kids face this day and age and Cyberbullying is on the rise due to technology usage. Cyberbullying has harmful effects to those who are being bullied and to those who are bullying others. Cyberbullying is related to serious health problems such as low self-esteem, suicidal ideation, anger, frustration, and a variety of other emotional and psychological problems.

For more information on cyberbullying and how to prevent it, please visit the sites below:

Week 2

Our second week topic is based on grounds for termination when it comes to a person’s personal social media account. Although social media was designed to keep friends and peers connected, it also gives them a platform to express their ideas and communicate with one another. Facebook and other social media sites are (for the most part) public records of an individual. We believe those who post negatively about their workplace, or those who post anything racist, etc. are grounds for termination.

Week 3

For week three, we covered the health issues that correlate with social media usage. A study was found that users who engage with social media during the night could be damaging their sleep and increasing their risk of anxiety and depression, which can lead to catching colds, flues, and gastroenteritis more often. Also, with an increase of social media usage, there will be a decrease of physical activities.

Week 4

For our last week, we saved the best for last. RELATIONSHIPS! Social media has the potential to be harmful for relationships. It was found that the more a person in a romantic relationship uses social media, the more they will Facebook stalk their partner’s online activity! This can inevitably lead to feelings of jealousy. Another interesting thing the researchers noted is that people who use social media often are more likely to reach out to past lovers, and this can damage relationships if not end it.



We are sorry to leave you so soon, but we hope you have learned from our findings and hope you will utilize them into your everyday lives so you don’t fall victim to social media’s harmful effects. Please feel free to visit our post as much as you like and to share our posts with others.