Ten cases in which people were fired for social media posts

In this article posted by CNN, it showed 10 cases in which employees learned the hard way about what to post and not to post on social media. In all ten cases someone, in some way was fired for something said within the post. In all ten instances, the post on social media could have been avoided and was completely inappropriate.


I honestly think that all of these people got what they deserve because the posts could have been avoided and were massively inappropriate. For instance, a former MLB player tweeted out after a baseball game “Congratulations to all the dirty Mexicans.” Like are you serious? There is absolutely no reason why that should ever be posted on social media. I understand that it is a personal account and people should be able to post what they want on their personal account, but there is a time and a place for everything, especially when you’re a professional. As a professional, you are held to a higher standard than people who aren’t, because you have people who look up to you and try to emulate what you do. On top of that, anyone can access your social media so kids can easily see what people are posting.


The author of the articles does not think that these people should get in trouble on the grounds that it is on their personal account and that is away from work. I understand where is he coming because people always say we need to separate our work life and personal life. I do realize this, but anyone can from work can access your personal life because its social media and that is not private. People need to understand that anyone can see what is posted on social media networks and that there really is no way to hide that. So again, I completely disagree with the author of the article.


To summarize, I think that the people in these ten cases were completely wrong and should have been fired for their posts, and this goes against what the article states. Social media isn’t private and people look up to professionals so you cannot just be willy-nilly and say whatever you want without consequences. People also can’t separate work life and personal life on social media because again anyone can access that.