About Us

As students at the University of Maryland, our goal is to inform and provide an open-minded discussion and argument on how social media affects our personal lives. Within our group we have built relationships to inspire others to perform outreach arguments on the effects of social media. We will focus on four arguments to support our theme:

  1. Cyberbullying
  2. Free speech does not constitute negative written language and or negative behavior on one’s social media account, and should be grounds for dismissal whether or not it relates to their job/occupation or school
  3. Health issues related to social media usage
  4. The effects social media can have on one’s relationship.

So please feel free to follow us throughout these upcoming weeks, and we promise you our blog will be engaging and knowledgeable.

Get to Know the Writers

IMG_1456Hello! My name is Katherine Arias. I am a student at the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in Communications. I care about this topic because social media has harmful affects that have led teenagers to harm themselves and or commit suicide. I would like to spread the word on the impact social media has on peoples’ lives in hopes to provide social media users valuable information so they can be more cautious with what they post online.

My name is Eliu Barahona. I am a Junior pursing my B.A degree in Communications at the University of Maryland, College Park. This topic is very important to me because social media is paving a new way in accessing new information and that can be sometimes dangerous. That being said the information on social media can be false and hurtful for the user. Social media usage is effecting not only teenagers but adults as well. With this Blog I would like to voice my argument on why social media is affecting our lives, and throughout these upcoming weeks provide solid supporting information to prove such argument.

im dumb

Nick Arnold is a Junior Communications Major at University of Maryland, College Park. Nick has chosen to focus his studies in Social Influence Communication. Nick is very interested in how people interact online and the effect social media has on how people communicate. He hopes to use this blog to inform others of the positive and negative effects social media can have in their personal and professional lives.


IMG_5113My name is Michael Lapham, and I am pursuing my degree in Communication Studies with a General Business Minor. I am interested and excited to talk about how a lot of problems arise due to social media and the negative effects that are caused daily to people’s everyday lives. I would also like to talk about how positives are integrated into social media.

IMG_7983My name is Korey Duke- I am a Senior Communication Major at the University of Maryland, and I am an avid social media user. I am specifically interested in the ways social media users interact online and how it affects their lives. From this blog, I hope to make readers more aware of how they are communicating on different social media platforms and how this communication is influencing them.


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